Sergio Breviario

April 21 - June 20, 2007

Galleria PIAC (Piattaforma Internazionale Arte Contemporanea) is proud to present P.E.P.E., the first site specific project by Sergio Breviario (1974) realized for a solo exhibition in a gallery.

P.E.P.E. is a unit of measure, it is a principle that originates a space entirely measured and proportioned on it. Black, mysterious, shining, dense to the extent that it becomes the centre of a force field: a centrifugal force, which extends from P.E.P.E. to the experience of an ideal space, an imaginary projection of a space; and a centripetal force which, likewise a grid structure, through three two-dimensional representations of a cloister, re-frames the real space in which P.E.P.E. is contained as well as container of a sphere concealed in its centre.

The project at the Galleria PIAC takes shape, like other works of the artist, from an intellectual conception according to which the ideas of painting, volume and space perform incessant, natural and unexpected acts of reciprocity, getting into an osmotic relationship in which shape and depth offer themselves each time as real facts or imaginary projections, in a game of mirrors and references, of overturnings and, as the artist himself maintains, of slippings, in order to create a new point of balance in the wide space of vision.

Breviario works, as a matter of fact, by extension, through an act of appropriation of the contemporary concept of serial reproduction: in the temporal dimension of the exhibition P.E.P.E., the originary object-subject, reproduces itself and multiplies, through an unstable and non-logical act of measurement, in the representation of a cloister, which, once become painting, makes itself autonomous from it. Again, the process of reproduction of the subject into a cloister takes place not once but three times, according to three points of view chosen by the artist beginning from the object-subject, in order to describe three of its possible projections. Three landscapes-cloisters, three visions experienced first of all by the artist and exposed to a free multiplying under the eyes of the beholder. Finally, in a non-temporal sense, P.E.P.E. could be subject to a serial reproduction or remain a unique piece as it is today. His potentialities are endless, since it is a shape without a measure: it might be a pepper holder to be used on a table, a lighthouse to be caught a glimpse of in the middle of the sea, or remind of the physical presence of a human being.

Sergio Breviario was born in Bergamo in 1974. He lives and works in Milan. In 2002 he was selected among the participants in the class run by Giulio Paolini at the Fondazione Ratti in Como. In 2006 he presented 19 96, his first solo exhibition at Viafarini in Milan.